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We are one of the most recognizable companies from Poland specializing in GENERAL CONTRACTING  of industrial and large cubature constructions. We employ the best professionals and executive management, we use the most modern technologies and we have a lot of experience, so that we can successfully take even the most difficult challenges. As a General Contractor we provide to the Investor a comprehensive realization of investments according to predetermined time and budget. We have our own design studio and we are ready to deliver the Purchaser comprehensive preparation and providing complete documentation of architectural and construction according to individual needs and guidelines on time. As a General Contractor, we take full responsibility for the proper preparation of the documentation, the construction site for the whole construction work and for their proper inter-branch coordination, as well as an efficient and effective acceptance of the building and obtaining a use permit within the prescribed period.

Construction Works Contract with the company Rex-Bud Budownictwo as the General Contractor provides to the Investor:

  • Comprehensive design services for the efficient development of architectural and construction documentation of the planned investment, including obtaining all approvals and permits necessary to issue a building permit.
  • Professional preparation of the construction process and help to the Investor in the formal and legal issues.
  • Analysis of project documentation provided by the Investor and the proposal to optimize it by proposing alternatives having the effect of reducing the cost and time of the investment.
  • Comprehensive implementation of the investment by one experienced partner.
  • Full control over the budget, cost and schedule of work.
  • Monitoring and reporting the progress and quality of work in accordance with ISO 9001 standards, and internal policy of maintain the quality.
  • Coordination of all inter-branch works in accordance with technology and principles of technical knowledge.
  • Conducting regular coordination meetings with the participation of the Management Construction Team on behalf of general contractor, Construction Site Inspectors and representative of Investor.
  • Predicting and eliminating potential risks in the construction process along with its reporting.
  • Controlling the quality and timeliness of various scopes.
  • The flexibility to make changes by the Investor during construction.
  • The continuity of works by timely delivery of the necessary highest quality materials.
  • Maintain the security of the execution of works by own health and safety supervision.
  • Execution the Investment taking into account the environmental protection.
  • Preparing the building for effective reception of state services and to obtain permission to use.
  • Post-completion service and guarantee of quick remove any defects arising during the use of the building.


As a General Contactor we provide the highest quality construction services, we cooperate with the best plumbing and road subcontractors. We have significant management and executive potential for successfully lead, supervise and control several projects at the same time in whole Poland.

Cubature building in our company this is mainly the realization of high budget investment for business in form of industrial halls with all necessary technical and road infrastructure.


We design and build large and modern facilities such as:

  • warehouses                       
  • high storage halls
  • logistic halls
  • production halls
  • the most discerning food halls
  • trading halls
  • and other industrial facilities

As a part of construction services provided by our company we offer the expertise and experience.

As a General Contractor we often offer our customers previously proven technical solution prepared by our design team. Thanks to individual design solutions of details we provide the highest quality, excellent sound and thermal insulation as well low maintenance costs and trouble-free use of steel halls realized by us. While designing we put special effort to create an exceptional objects which will ideally integrate into surrounding infrastructure and which will be modern with distinguish design. We are designing in compliance with current world trends and adjust them to native spacial requirements and Investors expectations. 

At the present “design and build” method of building our Design Studio is able to prepare the completed business, architectural and working documentation of steel and reinforced structures as well as lightweight casing design  in a very short time. Having huge experience and necessary knowledge to perform designing process we are able to optimize every structure in short time with maintaining required safety factors. Many years of executive experience allows us to choose the proven and reliable design solutions,  which do not generate unnecessary costs.

We specialize in concrete floors, reinforced with dispersed fibre or reinforcement mesh, surface-hardened and impregnated. We executing our work  basing on proven solutions and a new technical idea, approaching each project professionally and individually.

We invite current and future investors to cooperation and contact with us!

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